#Five2Thrive2015 Photography Competition

camera-690144_1280Sligo Comhairle na nÓg Photography Competition 2015 incorporating Instagram Photos

  • The competition is open to all photographers in the Republic of Ireland aged between 13 and 18 years of age.

Alive2Thrive – 5 a day for your positive mental health

We have all heard about our 5 a day when it comes to fruit and vegetable intake, but what about 5 a day for our positive mental health?

Sligo Comhairle na nÓg is inviting entries to the Alive2Thrive photography competition. The theme of the project is your 5 a day for positive mental health. The 5 a day for positive mental health are:

  1. Connect – make connections through family, friends, music, sport, strengthen relationships and share!
  2. Be Active – get those feel good endorphins going
  3. Be Aware – increase your self-awareness and take in the many wonders of the world around you.
  4. Give – doing good makes us feel good so do a good deed today.
  5. Get Involved – Getting involved relates to connecting, it provides experience, teaches valuable skills and increases self-confidence. Join a club or group.

So focussing on the themes above, send in your photographs and let us know how you get your 5 a day for your positive mental health.

Full details on the competition including the entry form and rules can be found on the Photography Competition page.  And don’t forget the hashtag #Five2Thrive2015