The CRIB, Rockwood Parade, Sligo

This service aims to improve access for young people to mental health and well-being services. A G.P. is available one day per week, on a Monday to assist young people with any emotional or mental health concerns. The Doctor may do some work with the young person, or link them in with other C.R.I.B or community services or in some circumstances seek to access specialist health services for them. It will not take over from a young person’s own G.P, but rather offers a specific service supportive of their mental health and well- being. This service will be free of charge.

There is also access to free counselling and youth workers available in the CRIB on Monday- Friday.

Hours Available

GP: Monday 11am-7pm, Counsellor: By Appointment, Project workers: Monday-Friday

More Services Offered

GP service for young people with any concerns relating to their mental health, Counselling, Youth work

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