Stress Control Drumshanbo

We all live in stressful times. Understanding how stress can impact on our lives and what we can do about it is key to strengthening our resilience and ability to cope.

logo-stress-controlStress Control is a free 6 session course to manage stress. It is for people who want to learn some great ways to control common problems such as anxiety, depression, panic, poor sleep, burnout, loss of confidence or low self-esteem (in other words, ‘stress’).

The six sessions consist of:

  • Week 1: Information about stress
  • Week 2: Controlling your body
  • Week 3: Controlling your thoughts
  • Week 4: Controlling your actions
  • Week 5: Controlling your panic, using your breathing to control stress, prevention skills and medication
  • Week 6: Controlling your sleep, Wellbeing and Controlling your Future

The next community Stress Control course will commence in the Leitrim Development Company building, Drumshanbo on Tuesday 5th November and every consecutive Tuesday from 1pm to 2.30pm. More courses will be planned in different venues soon.

For more information on Stress Control, please contact HSE Health Promotion on 071 9135061.